Monday, May 4, 2009

Burger night at Shooter McGee's

Tonight I needed chicken wings, so I went to Shooter McGee's on Duke St in Alexandria near the Landmark Mall. Unfortunately, it was also half price burger I needed both!

They had a list of about 10 half-pound burgers with various combination of toppings - most of them including both cheese AND bacon. I got a blue cheese and bacon burger, without the bacon, cooked medium. My friend got a burger with jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and bacon cooked medium rare. Both of our burgers came cooked as requested :) They were served with fries, cole slaw or baked beans (gross!). I got the coleslaw, but I wish I got the fries - they looked delicious!

To get the special, you need to order a drink. Burgers were regularly listed for $9.50, so this was a great deal. The waiter was excellent - my Sprite was refilled as soon as it was empty :) I've gone a few times, mostly for wing night, and have never left disappointed. Check it out!

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Rainmaker said...

I'm glad to see that you went the route of 'both' - that's clearly the best choice.