Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greek Festival!

Last night I checked out the Greek Festival at St. Sophia's church to learn about Greek culture. Just kidding! I went to eat Greek food :D

I had a delicious gyro - with lots of tzatziki sauce and feta cheese :D I also had a BAKLAVA SUNDAE! Vanilla ice cream, crushed up baklava and honey syrup! It was fantastic. There was also Greek entrees available inside the church, but I found out about it after devouring my gyro :)

They were getting the lambs ready last night for grilling today - I saw them chop the head off of a skinned lamb and then put it on a skewer :-O

Festival is at 36th and Massachusetts Ave NW and runs 12-9pm today and Sunday. Check it out!

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Rainmaker said...

I should have definitely read your blog sooner. :( Well, at least there are many more festivals to come!