Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kabob Palace, Arlington

Oh....remember me? I used to actually post about food :P

Last week, there was a terrible thunderstorm and I was out for a bike ride when I got stuck in it....I got home, drenched, only to find the power was out and my phone had died in the rain :( What a great excuse to go find some delicious food!

Kabob Palace in Crystal City was recommended to me by about 4 different people, so off we went. There was a $10 buffet option, which was about the same price as the entrees, but it only had chicken. I hate chicken, so I ordered a lamb entree :D It came with a salad which was mediocre and had iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, beans (gross!), chickpeas and drizzled with mayo for dressing. It also came with delicious bread, a choice of chickpeas or spinach, and rice :D The spinach was not that good, but the chickpeas were delicious...and the waitress even offered us extra! I had enough food leftover for lunch the next day. Total cost with tip was $42 for four people.

Compared to Ravi Kabob, Kabob Palace is awesome because we had a waitress who took our order and gave us the right food. I've been to Ravi about 3 times now and never got the food I intended to order (but its still really good, so I keep going back in hope that I'll get what I tried to order :)

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Anonymous said...

When I read your last sentence I thought it was going to end with "... in hopes that I'll get what I need." That would have been pretty Lindsey-esque