Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Strawberry Picking!!!

I finally made it strawberry picking to Homestead Farm on Sunday. It was a week later than I wanted, and I went on Sunday (as opposed to Friday!), but I think it worked out even better than last year! The berries were nicer this year, and there were fewer holes (from worms? who knows! but I don't want to eat it) and there were still tons of delicious berries as far as I could see! I was sure the field would be picked clean by Sunday...I was wrong!

Pick your own went for $1.99/pound, and considering the amount of quality berries I got, I thought this was a really good price. They had some pre-picked strawberries, and it was ~$5/quart...but those berries were pretty sad looking, so pick your own seemed to be the way to go.

After picking, we paid and they have a stand of food where I got a strawberries and cream smoothie. I asked what the cream was and she said it was ice cream!! So, really I had a delicious, fresh strawberry milkshake :D

After picking we had a cookout and strawberry shortcake!!! I use the recipe on the Bisquick box, except I increase the sugar from 3 tablespoons to half a cup :D And I used oil instead of butter. mmmm....


Rainmaker said...

Nice recipe mods, more sugar is always a well placed item. I'm still working through all the Strawberry products - as I had some Sorbet tonight...since I have like 18 quarts left.

Btw, you ought to check out the farmers market at the Kingstown Plaza area on Friday afternoons - tons of good things to cook with.

Amanda said...

The caption for the photo:

Eat your heart out, and while you're at it, try one of my delicious shortcakes

so cute!