Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Instant dinner!

Tonight, I managed to make a complete meal in less than an hour....and not destroy my kitchen in the process! The menu consisted of:

Penne with homemade tomato sauce
Italian sausage
Garlic bread

The Sauce
1 28 oz jar of crushed tomatoes (I use the kind that are unsalted and unseasoned)
1.5t crushed garlic
half an onion, chopped and sauteed in some olive oil with the garlic
salt, pepper, dried basil to taste

Mix it up and simmer it for a half hour or so....and you've got some delicious sauce :)

The Sausage
I got some italian sausage from the grocery store, but it was made by a local sausage man:

Logan Sausage,
4116 Wheeler Ave.,
He makes : Italian (10 varieties), bratwurst, country, kielbasa, andouille, butifarra (Catalan), chorizo, Salvadoran, Argentine, Guatemalan and Colombian) and chicken.

That's all the info I could dig up, but I think I will seek out the shop sometime because the sausage was good and it seemed to be lower in fat than the regular sausage

The Bread
The garlic bread was a baguette from the Caboose Bakery sliced in half length wise and spread with a mixture of butter, olive oil, salt and garlic and baked at 350 degrees for a little while.

Doesn't he look happy?

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