Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Middle Eastern Food!

Tonight, I tried to make Middle Eastern food for the first time. I was inspired by some leftover tzatziki sauce and Roma tomatoes from New Year's Eve.

I used this falafel recipe from

All the ingredients are pretty common, and I can vouch that it was pretty simple with the help of my food processor, so I recommend trying it!

Modifications: I didn't add the cayenne as called for because I didn't have it, nor did I deep fry the patties. I pan fried them for a couple of minutes on each side and then baked them at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes - it turned out great! Also, I skipped making the tzatziki.

I served the falafel on a pita with the tzatziki sauce, hummus, sliced tomatoes and cucumber. Here's a picture of the falafel. It was awesome.

With the leftover parsley, I made some tabbouleh. I used this recipe:

The salad didn't have a chance to soak together, but it did taste remotely like tabbouleh I've had in the past - a success! Also, you might notice in the picture, I prefer my tabbouleh heavy on the parsley and light on the bulgar.

Modifications: I don't think I measured anything except for the lemon juice/olive oil mixture. I cooked the bulgar, instead of soaking, because I was short on time. It was too much, so I threw it away because cooked bulgar did not look like something worth saving.

Awesome dinner! :D


Dan said...

Soak some bulgar overnight, then add some brown sugar and whathaveyous in the morning, nuke it, (or not), and you gots some cereal party in your bowl!

Sally said...

Did you make the hummus or buy it?