Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies

Today was the second greatest day of the year: the day my Girl Scout cookies arrived!!!!! I ordered five boxes: 2 thin mints, 2 shortbreads, and 1 lemon chalet cream (new flavor!).

Well....I got the cookies at 9am and by 10:00 the box of lemon chalet creams was 3/4 gone and needed to be sent away for hiding. They were so good!

Little Brownie Bakers describes them as a "cinnamon-ginger spice" sandwich cookie with lemon cream in the middle. I think I liked them so much because they didn't skimp on the cream. I didn't notice the cinnamon-ginger spice part. Wow! I highly recommend finding a booth with Girl Scouts and buy as many as you can.

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flipflopirate said...

Far be it my place to question your culinary prowess for packaged sweets (I have already been lectured about the metaphysics of desert in your life...) but it seems that 5 boxes of 3 cookies is a bit shortsigted. I.E - your favorite cookie and the subject of your blog is the smallest representation of your purchase. Perhaps a more robust representation of the Girl Scout's goodies would enrich your pallette and your blog ... I'm imagining a head to head comparison in bracket form with comment contribution from your dedicated fan readership. Just a thought.