Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday of eating!

After lots of hype, I finally got a chance to check out ACKC: Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections and their cocoa bar! I think the name is dumb, but the hot cocoa was so ridiculously awesome!!! I had the Judy (I think): Milk chocolate with hazelnut syrup and whipped!! It was the best hot cocoa I ever drank.

ACKC is a combination of a chocolate shop and cafe. They have several cases of decadent truffles. They also had a ton of baked goods from Buzz in Alexandria: cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, chocolate dipped pretzels. Chocolate gifts, prepackaged chocolates from other places, and more!! They also had plenty of seating.

The way the hot cocoa works is: pick a chocolate (white, milk, dark....I think), pick some milk (whole, 2%, maybe even soy?), and then pick what you want mixed in: they have various syrups, and herbs like lavender, cinnamon, chilies and then they make it up good. They also have about 10 different suggested varieties. I stayed on the beaten path when order my Judy :)

You absolutely need to go here because it is so good. I had the five-dollar hot chocolate from Murky Coffee, and it was good, but it wasn't sweet enough for my taste, though it was almost as thick as a dipping chocolate. The cocoa from ACKC was thinner, but sweeter and more wonderful than anything I've had before.

Also, if you need someone to go with you, I will go :D

After my stop at ACKC,, I realized I did not eat all day. I ended up at Naan & Beyond, which I had also heard a lot about, but since I don't work downtown, I've never seen it open. Today was my day.

I got the chicken tikka wrap. To make it, the naan man threw some dough into the oven and made fresh bread just for me!! After taking it out, he threw on some mayo (really? I know), tomatoes, and shredded cabbage and chunks of hot, delicious chicken. I was expecting the chicken to be red, but it was white, but still good. It was served with mint and mango chutney. I love dipping sauces! It must have been pretty filling because I only ate half....more for tomorrow!!

It has been a great 24 hours of food :D


Anonymous said...

Why is it Are you hungarian? You are probably some hot skinny athletic chick in love with a guy named Mike...

Dan said...

next time i'm in dc, we are going to these places!