Friday, February 8, 2008

LA Breakfast Tour

I went to Los Angeles last weekend in hopes of seeing Lindsay Lohan. I wasn't able to see her or anyone other famous people, but I did see a whale and lots of dolphins swimming on the ocean :D I also ate a lot of awesome breakfast!

Day 1: Doughboys

Here we shared an order of "Black and Whites": a stack of three panacakes loaded with chunks of white and dark chocolate chunks served with a homemade raspberry syrup. O. M. G. This was the first time I ordered chocolate chip pancakes at a restaurant and they actually put enough chocolate chips in them!! These pancakes were loaded with them - it was like eating chocolate. They even had MORE chocolate chips than I usually put in my pancakes!!! We also ordered potatoes with grilled onions. This was an awesome breakfast. Their lunch menu looked awesome too (roasted garlic and tortellini soup....for realz!!)

Day 2: Hugo's

Hugo's is one of those organic, natural, etc. restaurants. In order to take advantage of this, I ordered the breakfast burrito: made with organic, local free range eggs. The burrito was filled with fresh green peppers, onions and tomatoes, topped with chipotle sauce and cheese and some garlic-y delicious gaucamole on the side :D I got a side of fruit, too! I liked the burrito because it wasn't stuffed with cheese. Too often places take a perfectly healthy dish and then insist of overloading it with cheese, leaving me feeling gross. Hugo's did it well by just putting some on the top. I forgot to take the picture until I was almost done :P

Day 3: Place by Jules' house

This place was similar to a diner in Pennsylvania. It didn't veer off from the basics (except you could order a design-your-own omelet with cream cheese!!!). I got some french toast and it was very good. I'm consistently disappointed when I order french toast out because it doesn't look like it will be enough. I left here full and satisfied. :D

Day 4: The Griddle

Picture the most giant pancake you've ever seen in your life!! These pancakes were bigger than two of my heads! I got a "short" stack of the ridiculously sugar packed "A Time to Love": pancakes filled with butterscotch chips, caramel and stopped with streusel, whipped cream, more caramel and pumpkin. I'm not even kidding - something that insane and delicious actually exists, but only in Los Angeles. Wow. Also, famous people go here, but not when I was there :(
Before, then, so stuffed:

I am a champion!!


Dan said...

I'm entering a food coma just looking at those pancakes...

YogaMango said...

Paaaanncaaakeess!! **Cue incessant drooling** The Black and Whites look like my favorite so far.. though the pancake monstrosity at the bottom looks amazing as well

Danielle said...

I can't even believe the combination of ingrediants in that last pancake! CRAZY. But I also prefer the black and whites over the butterscotch.

Keep up the good work woman.

Juliet said...

It took me like, 3 days to finish the rest of your pancakes lol. love the doughboys, and love you!