Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mexican food!!

Last night I was invited to a friend's house for authentic Mexican food! It was like nothing I ate in any Mexican restaurant I've ever been to in my entire life. It was so delicious that I don't know how owners of Mexican restaurants sleep at night knowing the difference between what they serve and what real Mexicans are eating. It was THAT good!!! Wow.

We had: cheese and onion enchiladas, beans cooked with bacon that had been cooking all day!, Mexican rice, tostadas, and tacos. These tacos were different than anything I had before: the flour tortilla was made by hand, the dough was filled with raw meat, and then fried so the tortilla cooked with the meat! Soft shell or hard shell? I don't even know what kind of question that is now that I ate this taco.

This stuff was not even comparable to any Mexican food I've ever tasted....honestly! I am riding the food high right into Easter!

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