Thursday, March 6, 2008

Milky Way Bunnies!!!

I love Easter candy more than any other type of candy. My favorite of all time is: MILKY WAY BUNNIES!!!

I don't even particularly like Milky Way, but once a year, Mars really does it right with Milky Way Bunnies. Compared to the candy bar, Milky Way Bunnies have more chocolate, less nougat and more caramel combined into a winning combination that I look forward to every Easter.

Unfortunately, last year, they left out the nougat!! It was the saddest Easter ever. I called and complained and got some coupons. Today, in the mail, I got an update (and coupon!) from Mars:

At Mars Snackfood US, the consumer is our boss and we take your feedback very seriously. This Spring Holiday 2008 season, we are pleased to announce the return of the delicious nougat layer to our Milky Way Brand and Snickers Brand Seasonal Shapes.

Hooray!!!! Time to stock up :D


Anonymous said...

What about this spring? I can only find the the Simply Caramel Milkly Way Bunnies.
I got my braces off last summer and can't find my favorite bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Simply Caramel SUCKS. My wife and I bought the heck out of the original ones every year. Then they decided to put out the plain caramel which just plain suck. Can't leave a good thing alone can they?