Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Myanmar is a Burmese restaurant in a strip mall in Falls Church. It's the greatest food I've never imagined. We went on Saturday night around 8pm and waited about 15 minutes for a table. I've been there before and the service isn't very good, but the food is so awesome that its worth it.

We ordered a mango salad. I have no idea what makes it my favorite thing on the menu, but I'll try to describe it: its not orange, so it must contain shredded unripened mango, it also seems like there's some cabbage, crispy garlic, peanuts, cilantro, and some sort of delicious potion that makes it so great. It was a tiny bit spicy.

We also ordered the crispy bean curd salad and and some sort of lemongrass soup. This is the only form of tofu that I've ever ate (which is saying a lot) It's kind of julienned looking and crispy enough that I can avoid the soy parts :P Seriously, I hate tofu, but everyone I've ever been here with loves this salad. The lemon grass soup was a little spicy and contained shrimp and fish and veggies. I thought it was delicious and the bowl was large enough for our table of 4.

We also got the chili pork belly. It was really spicy and I was unable to eat for a few minutes :P There was also an uneventful mushroom and tofu entree and a chicken noodle dish.

If you ever go here, the entrees are mediocre, the noodle dishes are less than mediocre and the salads are the greatest thing you will ever experience in your life. Also, this place is awesome because its cheap :D There were four of us and the bill came to $15 per person with tip. We did not have drinks.

Myanmar, 7810 Lee Highway #C, Falls Church VA 703-289-0013. Myanmar gets my approval. I recommend Myanmar mostly for: the greatest salads you will ever eat, ordering a lot of food to share, eating delicious things you cannot describe well to others.

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Mmmmmm.....burmese food.

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