Monday, April 7, 2008


I love Ethiopian food. Is it the delicious flavor? Is it the wide variety of stews that I can get with each meal? Is it the fact that a giant plate of delicious food is set in front of me and I'm expected to dig in...with my hands? It's probably all of these things, but I am always up for some Ethiopian. Fortunately, DC has a lot of Ethiopian restaurants :)

A little while ago, I went to Dukem on U St. We ordered four entrees: lamb special tibs, doro wat, a meat combo with lamb wot and minchet abesh, and a veggie combo with spicy split lentil, yellow peas, greens, cabbage, shiro, salad and potato in spicy sauce. It was the perfect amount for five people.

Our meal cost $15 per person, including tip.

We ate it all, which isn't that impressive, since there were five us :P

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