Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tour de Cupcake!

Tour de Cupcake may be my greatest food-related fantasy ever imagined...and on Saturday it became a reality! Biking, 3 cupcake stops, friends and grilling! What else could you want? A sunny day? We had that too!

Stage 1: Bike 4.5 miles
Stop 1: Cake Love, Shirlington
Here I had a vanilla cupcake with lime frosting. It was good except it cost over $3!

Stage 2: Bike 4.4 miles
Stop 2: Buzz, Slaters Lane, Alexandria
Here I had a red velvet cake-a-roon, kind of like a cupcake sandwich!

Stage 3: Bike 1.3 miles
Stop 3: Bittersweet, Old Town Alexandria
Here I had a carrot cake cupcake with a mystery, non-cream cheese frosting. I was too full to finish it :(

Stage 4: Bike 1.5 miles
Stop 4: My house for some grilling!!!

Next year will be bigger and better!!


Amanda said...

Slow and steady wins the cupcake race, hands down. No shame in half-zies!

--Allison & Amanda

YogaMango said...

I love how Suee is showing off her guns at Bittersweet lol

jeanne said...


now that sounds like fun!