Sunday, May 4, 2008

AC/KC Del Ray is going to open soon!!!!!

A few weeks ago I posted with great anticipation and joy and excitement that ACKC would be opening a Del Ray location. They finally took the paper off the windows today and it looks like they're going to open soon! Wow!!! The day they open will be the happiest day of my life (unless it is more than 80 degrees outside)!!

An article in The Examiner says that the Del Ray location will have seating for 10 people, and will also serve Dolcezza gelato and frozen drinks and sell chocolates, which sounds like the DC location (though I haven't been there since it warmed up, so I can't comment on the frozen treats). I'm not sure that the gelato could possibly compete with the The Dairy Godmother, a block or two away, but I look forward to seeing if the frozen hot chocolate is as awesome as their hot hot chocolate :)


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thanks for the comment! your neighbor commented right beneath you!

Good stalking!

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