Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Italian Store!

On Friday, I went to The Italian Store in Arlington for some pizza for dinner and subs to motivate me to finish a hike the next day! What could be better than eating a delicious sub on the top of a mountain?

Judging by the number of people coming in for carry out, their pizzas are very popular! Unlike most people, I like my pizza with lots of sauce and just a little cheese. This pizza was the exact was loaded with tons of cheese and hardly had any sauce. Sad panda. But, everyone else thought it was very good and many reviews I've read said it was the best pizza in the area. should probably try it anyway :)

The subs are amazing!! I've been there a few times before and they never disappoint. I ordered a small Capri sub on a hard roll: prosciutto, genoa salami, provolone cheese and capacola ham :D I ate it on what I thought was the top of a mountain! Unfortunately, we weren't even close...but I didn't know that, so it was delicious and rewarding and filling...I couldn't even finish it all!

The Italian Store also has a large selection of frozen pasta and raviolis, prepared pasta dishes, freshly made sauces, Italian deli meats, cheeses, salads, Italian wines, cookies and groceries. It's always crowded!!
The Italian Store is located at 3123 Lee Highway, Arlington VA 22201, 703-528-6266. I recommend this place for delicious subs!!

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jeanne said...

you made it to the TOP!!! yay! a well-deserved reward!